The Markers Sidebar

To open the markers sidebar in Flopp’s Map, click on the “marker” icon.

The markers sidebar

The top row has five buttons:

  • the green “+” button: add a new marker at the map’s center
  • the green “+++” button: open the “Create multiple markers” dialog
  • the red “trash can” button: delete all markers; there will be a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletion
  • the “bar chart” button is for sorting the marker list either by name or by distance to the map’s center
  • the white “sliders” button: open the marker settings dialog where you can configure some marker preferences
Marker settings dialog

In the marker settings dialog you can

  • select the coordinate format to use:
    • “Degrees” = decimal degrees = N 47.976600 E 7.881317
    • “Degrees+Minutes” = degrees + decimal minutes = N 47 58.596 E 007 52.879
    • “Degrees+Minutes+Seconds” = degrees + minutes + decimal seconds = N 47 58 35.76 E 007 52 52.74
  • choose the color to use for new markers; or specify that new markers should be colored randomly (“Use Random Colors”)
  • choose the default circle radius for new markers (“0” for no circles)

By default, markers cannot be moved on the map by dragging them with the mouse to prevent accidental moving of markers. If you really want to move markers on the map, just check the “Draggable Markers” checkbox.

Some markers

Each map marker occurs in the markers sidebar, where the marker’s name, its coordinates, optionally its circle radius are displayed; there are also some action buttons for each marker:

  • the yellow “pencil” button: edit the marker’s properties
  • the blue “spyglass” button: locate the marker on the map (= move the map such that the marker is in the center)
  • the green “arrow” button: perform a waypoint projection starting at the marker
  • the blue “copy” button: copy the marker’s coordinates to the clipboard
  • the red “trash can” button: delete the marker
Marker properties

To edit a marker’s properties, just click the yellow “pencil” button; this opens the properties pane, where you can

  • change the marker’s name
  • edit its coordinates
  • specify its circle radius (“0” for no circle)
  • choose its color

Clicking on “Submit” will actually change the marker’s properties, while clicking on “Cancel” will revert the changes.

Changed marker properties

You can reorder the marker list by dragging the color strip:

Reorder markers





7 responses to “The Markers Sidebar”

  1. […] dialog can be opened directly from the “Markers” sidebar using the green “+++” […]

  2. […] users have asked for an option to sort the markers list by several criteria. I’ve added alphabetical sorting by marker names and sorting by distance […]

  3. Gomeck Avatar

    Ist es vielleicht möglich, gesetzte Marker temporär auszublenden, ohne sie direkt löschen zu müssen? So könnte man zu verschiedenen Themen/Caches verschiedene Sätze von Markern kreieren, ohne GPX-Daten importieren/exportieren zu müssen.
    Das wäre mein einziger Punkt auf der Wishlist, ansonsten ist Flopps Karte einfach mega geil. 😀

    1. flopp_admin Avatar

      Gute Idee. Bin mir aber nicht sicher, wie man das geschickt umsetzen kann…

  4. robusax Avatar


    How can I draw a line from one waypoint to another waypointß

    1. flopp_admin Avatar

      1. Add some markers
      2. Switch to the “Lines” sidebar (“double arrow icon”)
      3. Add a line (“+” burron)
      4. Select the line’s endpoints using the two dropdown lists

  5. Adrian Josty Avatar
    Adrian Josty

    Marker miteinander verbinden
    Hallo “Mr. Flopps”
    Wäre cool, wenn man Markers miteinander verbinden könnte, so dass man eine Route von Markern definieren könnte und die sind dann in der Order der Marker (bei mir Turnpoints) miteinander wie ein Weg verbunden sind.

    Wäre so was machbar?

    Gruss und einen guten Tag

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