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  • Waypoint Projection

    Waypoint Projection

    A common task in geocaching (especially in mystery caches) is Waypoint Projection or Coordinate Projection. For a given starting point, a given distance and an angle with respect to north (bearing), the target point is to be determined. This operation can easily be done with Flopp’s Map. We start from a map that already has […]

  • Creating Multiple Markers

    Creating Multiple Markers

    If you want to create a bunch of markers with known coordinates (e.g. from an Excel sheet), you can use the “Create Multiple Markers” dialog in Flopp’s Map. Open the “Tools” sidebar by clicking the “wrench” icon, then click on he bottom-most button “Create Multiple Markers” to open the dialog. In the default settings, you […]

  • Creating a Link

    Creating a Link

    You can create a link to your current map view of Flopp’s Map including all markers and lines. This link can be shared with others. Open the “Tools” sidebar by clicking on the “wrench” icon. Now, click on the top button “Create Link”. A dialog window will pop up which contains a link to the […]

  • The Search Sidebar

    The Search Sidebar

    To open the search sidebar in Flopp’s Map, click on the “search” icon. Searching Your Device’s Location If you click on the top button “Locate Me”, your current location is determined by using your device’s location services; you may have to enable the location services first if an error message is displayed. Once the location […]